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VIRAL \\ 2018

One of the ways in which we learn about our past is through archeological and anthropological research.

Prehistoric objects, cave drawings and ancient scripts help us discover tales from thousands and millions of years ago.

Who decides what is worth being preserved and what should be passed onto future generations?

Why have many before us decided to commemorate battle stories, religious rituals, the agricultural calendar and other

information of that sort?

It’s interesting to consider how our current reality will look to researchers in thousands of years.


What information will be kept? Trump? ISIS? The refugee crisis?  Just a hostile image of our reality?

I chose to present “viral” events from today’s pop-trash culture - or in other words computerized, technological, current,

using the “primitive” archaic technique of relief carving on ceramic pots.

The visual inspiration for the project stems from Petra, Jordan.

Petra has been dug up, excavated, and its entire existence speaks of history and tells of past events.

The contrasts in texture and color, between the roughness of the mountains of Edom and the redness of the excavated sections

of the mountain, create a focus point that lies somewhere between natural and artificial, with a view of the artwork in the center.

I predict that in the future there will no longer be a need to dig the ground in order to learn about our present lives, but if so,

I hope that my pieces will add some spice to the history lessons.


“Viral” is a commissioned work made for the “Time Machines” exhibition at the Holon Design Museum and is part of the

museum’s permanent collection.

Materials: Terra-cotta

VIRAL - Kim Kardashian - Breaks The Internet - BATIT

Kim Kardashian, "Breaks The Internet", 2014

VIRAL - Milet Cyrus - Wrecking Ball - BATIT

Miley Cyrus, "Wrecking Ball", 2013

VIRAL - PSY - Gangnam Style - BATIT

PSY, "Gangnam Style", 2012

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