Ethnic : Synthetic \\ 2019

A carpet is a manifold of identities, hybridizations, colors and shapes.


Weaved into it are stories and beliefs that have been preserved throughout time.

“Ethnic:Synethetic” is composed of a number of shapes, replicating themselves at differentiating heights, and together

creating a three-level carpet.

Every carpet is made up of hundreds and thousands of ceramic pieces, created by slip-casting into molds.

The different pieces are interwoven and create a three-dimensional pattern as a new and modern interpretation of a carpet.

As opposed to the carpet we are familiar with, in which the graphic elements stay identical from every angle, the 3D effect

of this carpet creates varied and diverse angles. It plays with the element of depth and creates shade and hidden colors,

giving new life to the graphic element of the carpet.

The project was inspired by a traditional ethnic wall carpet, with the belief that new designs use existing ones, ask questions

about them and look for ways to re-create through material, shape and color. That the observer of the carpet understand

where the project originates, and that they create the right context, is of great importance in order to understand

the work as a whole.

Material: ceramic, acrylic glass, wood.