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BATIT Studio is a design studio based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. 

The studio was founded in 2017 by industrial designer Tal Batit.

Batit was born in 1988, graduated with distinction from

H.I.T (Holon Academic Institue of Technology), Israel.

Batit’s eponymous studio, specializes in innovative ceramic design, sculptures

and talkative objects.

Batit mixes inspiration from ancient ceramic traditions and cultures with a

contemporary palette and finish, giving a distinct post-modernist flair to his quirky

creations while retaining the artisanal quality of the natural materials.

The studio's works always deals with contradictions, dissonances, contrasts - both

textural and visual.

Honors and scholarships:

2015-2016 Excellence in Achievements, Holon Academic Institute of Technology

2017 America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship, with distinction

2017 B.Design degree with distinction in industrial design, Holon Academic 
Institute of Technology, Israel

2018 Design award by "Design Museum Holon" for the HYBRIDS project



"High Contract", Seoul Design Week, South-Korea 
Curated by: Itay Ohali

"Fresh Paint Art Fair", Tel-Aviv Convention-Center, Israel 


"Collective Recollection", Hankin Gallery, Israel

Curated by: Noga Shimshon & Rona Zinger


"Wish List", Gal-Gaon Gallery, Israel

Curated by: Gal Gaon


"Terra-cotta RAVE", Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Israel

Curated by: Shlomit Bauman


"Time Machines", Design Museum Holon, Israel

Curated by: Noga Shimshon & Rona Zinger

"Fresh Paint Art Fair", EXPO Tel-Aviv, Israel 

"Material Movement", Studio Fusion Gallery, London

Curated by: Naama Haneman

PMA Craft Show, Philadelphia Convention Center, Pennsylvenya

Solo Booth


"LandShape", Illusration Week, Israel

Curated by: Efrat Aviezer



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