HYBRIDS \\ 2017

Glaze is an impervious layer or coating of a vitreous substance which has been fused to a ceramic body through firing and can serve

to color, decorate or waterproof an item.

when loading a kiln full of glazed objects, the ceramicist must be very careful in making sure that the objects do not touch one another. 

otherwise, once the kiln reaches the glaze fusing temperature, the objects will stick together, and hence be ruined.

The HYBRIDS project started from that idea of using that downside as an advantage, to take those accidents and develop a technique

out of it – one that uses the glaze to construct objects.

Using a glaze as a "glue" means that all parts are being cast separately, colored separately, dipped in glaze separately, and then assembled

on one another, creating a certain form. In that form they go to the kiln that does its magic and fuses all the parts into one piece.


HYBRIDS deals with contrasts, and its unusual combination with each other.

I chose to design a series of vases combining two different worlds.

Combination between cultures – ancient cultures, which is super functional and intuitive, and our present instant culture with all

its technologies.

Between ancient shapes, and computer generated shapes.

Between textures – matte and shiny, rough and smooth.

Colors contrast – the red natural clay color and bright, saturated colors wrapping the white clay.

Between seriousness and playfulness.

Materials: terra-cotta, ceramics


Height: 45 cm


Height: 60 cm


Height: 60 cm


Height: 60 cm


Height: 60 cm


Height: 60 cm

"The King"

Height: 85 cm