HYBRIDS 2.0 \\ 2018

In the new collection we present 2 new series – the Minis and the Mediums.

The collection combines playful design – classic toys, simple shapes, naïve & fun feel, and an almost figurative silhouettes;

along with inspiration of ancients vases from Roman, Greek and local history.

The ancient vases layout has been modified to create a unified visual language and a collection feel.

The working process on the new collection took almost 4 months from first sketch to first cast.

It begins by collecting inspiration from various sources and manual sketching.

Each vase was sketched dozens of times until it gained its accurate shapes and precised proportions.

The next step was to 3D model the pieces using a 3D modeling software, and then 3D print the models, in order to make plaster molds.

The Minis collection consists 7 new refreshing sculptural vases – sizes varies between 24-30 cm.

The medium collection consists 6 new sculptural vases – sizes varies between 34-40 cm.

Materials: Terra-Cotta, Ceramics.